Lets start with my latest “mania”.


Okay folks. since being diagnosed as a bi-polar mixed 1 i had to do some reading. Quickly I found out that the “1” means i get depressed and manic. (also secretly i know it means i now have a license to crazy). So I now have decided to go manic about make-up.

Honestly, I think it’s because I turned 40 a few weeks ago and new skin doesnt have that “dewy” glow anymore. It truly sucks and the loss of the dew came with the start of what looks like a pre-pubescent moustache. Not either or have make jumping for joy.

I suck at following trends. I will slap on some eyeliner and lipstick and look as if i jumped out of an 80’s poster. I decided… to buy makeup…Im manic right??? so that means i get to buy alot and feel better. ( doctors should be very careful about what they say to smart people, we may use it to our advantage).

Im gonna get with a few people ( ask permission to use names and sites). Then I will get back at you guys and blog about the stuff I have bought. and what it REALLY is like. 



About greeneyedbecca

A single mom in the Sunshine state and doing my best to overcome challenges. (PTSD sucks) I'm happy not to be in a dysfunctional relationship. Soon to be a fictional writer and still loving being a polyvore chic! IG Make_it_beautiful_by_Becca...I take all constructive criticism and suggestions.

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