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Fathers day


I wish for all those men that stuck around, taught how to punch, ride a bike, catch a ball, a very festive, healthy, memorable fathers day!


okey dokey, back on track here


i have done all the stuff i was supposed to. now i guess i can return to the blog. will no longer be doing vidoes for makeup tutorials. sad…but i thank the young cali girl for all her help. reading allure magazine, it has been heaven sent. i read on all the stuff they get and have tried alot of the things they recommend.

This sultry latina has under eye circles that rival a raccoon. I wish i could say some sleep and cucumbers would help, or that it is me just getting older. NOPE! ALLLL my life they have been visible. so trying not look punched in the eyes is a challenge. I have tried endlessly to find a perfect concealer.  currently, im trying to Too-Faced brand. a teeny bit goes a long way and it covers easily. It’s a bit sparkly. I know that the sparkles are supposed to reflect light but i dont want to look like a fairy pooped under my eye either.  i figure i will use it till its done then try urban decay, same for them and then the bobbi brown. once all three have been used i will tell you guys in MY opinion, which is best for MY rings of darkness.


Oh My sis gave me and e.l.f. eyebrow kit. boy oh boy people. for a buck, the ease and effectiveness, it outdoes itself! i will take pics soon of how each one does its thing on face then you can try and let me know.

Peace and Happiness to All,



No news today


Today I have decided no news for me! I will not arise with CNN or Robin Meade. No app tapping or mouse clicking, or gentle slide of finger over mouse pad. I am goin to go uninformed! I for one day will not hear the rubbish and malarky that gets aired. I don’t want political candidates critique or ex candidates trials. I don’t want preachers of fire and brimstone telling me to hit my kids or tell government to kill homos. I don’t wanna see the picture of a teen (pic not of teen of a boy) that got killed by sum dude that shot him cause he was getting whupped. No more about how folks hate my country and how we get into everybody’s business like the nosy old lady down the street.
I’m goin to allow my brain to think on it’s own. I’m gonna watch shows with my son and boyfriend that makes milk come out our noses. We are gonna go visit granny, and go to the store for snacks. We are gonna sing loud in the car and press shuffle on the iPod so not to hear commercials.
One day. To take a deep breath. To understand what rights I am entitled to and continue to show my son that love is grand. Intelligence is king. And Don’t Hate. BUT… Really don’t water your time on assholes, idiots, and bigots.
Come tomorrow, let’s see how much need I will have to reply and Facebook comments oh, and argue with an electronic device that displays images and statements that infuriate me.

Kill homo’s?


Preachers have been openly speaking up against homosexuality. True to the word that our laws deem us the “right to practice free speech”. All this now makes us wonder if a line should be drawn.
If we call for “the heads” of homosexuals isn’t that promoting hatred and instigating violence? Christianity is not the only religion in the world. Are others calling for governments to kill off homosexuals?
I personally can’t weigh any opinion. I don’t go around telling what acts I perform in my boudoir. One thing is for sure, it’s no one’s business. So how can I tell someone else what they do in their room isn’t okay?
I do not appreciate on how it’s celebrated. I want a weekend for heterosexuals. And can we take the sun as our emblem since obviously wearing anything with rainbow is “gay pride”. (not… I wear the rainbow in spite of that meaning, and do it holding my honey’s hand at the mall)
So telling anyone that homo’s should be killed is messed up. Why aren’t these preachers telling the government to kill pedophiles, rapists, and those that abuse the innocent and defenseless? Noooo… Rug munchers and limp wrists are more important to eradicate. Sad, me thinks, very sad.



Today, my mom turned 81. Amazing as it is, youth is on her side. When I tell people about her age and height. They expect this teeny tiny frail woman. She is so not that. Her roots get touched up every three weeks, she has a boyfriend ten years her junior, very active, and loves her cognac! We all should aspire to be like that if we are so lucky to reach that age.

Well, the makeup thing. Geesh, since I got a lot of videos online I will send you to she truly shows how to dramatic eyeshadows, as well as queenofblending. Both found on YouTube. I’m using a variety of different brands. Not all of the same line products always work for me. So I use what’s best so far. At least for me. Well, tomorrow we will start off the weekend late with more info. Peace to you all!