Today, my mom turned 81. Amazing as it is, youth is on her side. When I tell people about her age and height. They expect this teeny tiny frail woman. She is so not that. Her roots get touched up every three weeks, she has a boyfriend ten years her junior, very active, and loves her cognac! We all should aspire to be like that if we are so lucky to reach that age.

Well, the makeup thing. Geesh, since I got a lot of videos online I will send you to prettylilmzgace.com she truly shows how to dramatic eyeshadows, as well as queenofblending. Both found on YouTube. I’m using a variety of different brands. Not all of the same line products always work for me. So I use what’s best so far. At least for me. Well, tomorrow we will start off the weekend late with more info. Peace to you all!


About greeneyedbecca

A single mom in the Sunshine state and doing my best to overcome challenges. (PTSD sucks) I'm happy not to be in a dysfunctional relationship. Soon to be a fictional writer and still loving being a polyvore chic! IG Make_it_beautiful_by_Becca...I take all constructive criticism and suggestions.

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