Kill homo’s?


Preachers have been openly speaking up against homosexuality. True to the word that our laws deem us the “right to practice free speech”. All this now makes us wonder if a line should be drawn.
If we call for “the heads” of homosexuals isn’t that promoting hatred and instigating violence? Christianity is not the only religion in the world. Are others calling for governments to kill off homosexuals?
I personally can’t weigh any opinion. I don’t go around telling what acts I perform in my boudoir. One thing is for sure, it’s no one’s business. So how can I tell someone else what they do in their room isn’t okay?
I do not appreciate on how it’s celebrated. I want a weekend for heterosexuals. And can we take the sun as our emblem since obviously wearing anything with rainbow is “gay pride”. (not… I wear the rainbow in spite of that meaning, and do it holding my honey’s hand at the mall)
So telling anyone that homo’s should be killed is messed up. Why aren’t these preachers telling the government to kill pedophiles, rapists, and those that abuse the innocent and defenseless? Noooo… Rug munchers and limp wrists are more important to eradicate. Sad, me thinks, very sad.


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