okey dokey, back on track here


i have done all the stuff i was supposed to. now i guess i can return to the blog. prettylilmzgrace.com will no longer be doing vidoes for makeup tutorials. sad…but i thank the young cali girl for all her help. reading allure magazine, it has been heaven sent. i read on all the stuff they get and have tried alot of the things they recommend.

This sultry latina has under eye circles that rival a raccoon. I wish i could say some sleep and cucumbers would help, or that it is me just getting older. NOPE! ALLLL my life they have been visible. so trying not look punched in the eyes is a challenge. I have tried endlessly to find a perfect concealer.  currently, im trying to Too-Faced brand. a teeny bit goes a long way and it covers easily. It’s a bit sparkly. I know that the sparkles are supposed to reflect light but i dont want to look like a fairy pooped under my eye either.  i figure i will use it till its done then try urban decay, same for them and then the bobbi brown. once all three have been used i will tell you guys in MY opinion, which is best for MY rings of darkness.


Oh My sis gave me and e.l.f. eyebrow kit. boy oh boy people. for a buck, the ease and effectiveness, it outdoes itself! i will take pics soon of how each one does its thing on face then you can try and let me know.

Peace and Happiness to All,




About greeneyedbecca

A single mom in the Sunshine state and doing my best to overcome challenges. (PTSD sucks) I'm happy not to be in a dysfunctional relationship. Soon to be a fictional writer and still loving being a polyvore chic! IG Make_it_beautiful_by_Becca...I take all constructive criticism and suggestions.

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