well today is not a good day. my relationship is spiralling towards routine. all my attempts get blocked by my partner who seems complacent with it. i have come to a point where i feel that some choices be made. my life here in florida has been one burst of chaos after the other. employment i have not been able to find in the past four years regardless of all my attempts and barrage of endless resume submitting. there are times where i feel utterly useless.

laundry, cleaning bathrooms, cooking, taking people to doctor visits, karate, and errands. Im losing my mind in futilty. Im trying not allow the melancholia take over. i reach out for assitance and it gets brushed off.  


About greeneyedbecca

A single mom in the Sunshine state and doing my best to overcome challenges. (PTSD sucks) I'm happy not to be in a dysfunctional relationship. Soon to be a fictional writer and still loving being a polyvore chic! IG Make_it_beautiful_by_Becca...I take all constructive criticism and suggestions.

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