New things


At the ending of 2016, a new craft experience has begun. Catapulted by an amazingly ridiculous price online…I have joined the ranks of at home seamstresses. I purchased a sewing machine second hand from my local pawn shop. Lady luck was on my side for the box was new and the machine is in pristine condition.

YouTube, headphones, materials needed, and shaky hands I started my first project. A makeup roll brush holder. I know…Yes lame…But I am a girl and have makeup brushes. It was almost perfect. I am thrilled. Soon followed a tablet cover. I over stuffed so it looks like a lite pillow…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Now on to the reason for the machine. Bralettes. I intend on making them and selling them cheaper than the crooks at anthropologie And VS.


Le bralette


About greeneyedbecca

A single mom in the Sunshine state and doing my best to overcome challenges. (PTSD sucks) I'm happy not to be in a dysfunctional relationship. Soon to be a fictional writer and still loving being a polyvore chic! IG Make_it_beautiful_by_Becca...I take all constructive criticism and suggestions.

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